This week at St Faith's

21st January 2022

With Lent Term now well underway, we began this week with a series of House assemblies. The pupils involved in preparing these had clearly given a great deal of thought to their positive messages and there were also some excellent visual aids in evidence.

Lessons This Week

In Science lessons this week, following their recent study of cell structure, function and adaptations, Year 6 pupils researched, designed and constructed an array of superb model cells from a root hair cell to a human neuron.  The careful research, creativity of design and choice of materials used alongside attention to detail in labelling cell organelles, reflects the impressive work ethic and high level of attainment of our pupils.  Congratulations to Year 6 on producing such fantastic models which are now on display in the Science Department.

Meanwhile, in French, Year 8 pupils have been practising their application of the past tense verbs in a series of sentences; Year 5 pupils have been learning about rain forests in Geography, Year 2 have been rehearsing their forthcoming production of “Stableboy” and our Foundation children have been developing their counting skills using number bonds.

After School Activities

Turning to After School activities, this week Year 3 have demonstrated their planetary knowledge and creativity by making superb plasticine models of the solar system.

Elsewhere Year 5 pupils attending our Engineering club have been planning and building table maze games out of wood. Solutions to puzzles of a binary nature have been the focus of pupils in Computing, and for our budding chess players, intense concentration was required as they took part in the Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge.

Year 8 Scholarship Candidates to The Leys  

On Thursday, Mr Martin Priestley, Headmaster of The Leys, came across to St Faith’s to interview 27 Year 8 pupils who have made scholarship applications to The Leys. Our pupils presented smartly and engaged with politeness and confidence as Mr Priestley explored with them their various Scholarship applications across the curriculum, including Academic, STEM, Art, Drama, Music and Sport specialisms. We look forward to hearing outcomes in due course.

Year 6 Foundation Scholarship Interviews to The Leys

On Monday I look forward to meeting collectively with those Year 6 pupils who have been invited to Leys Foundation Scholarship interviews. It will be an opportunity to offer advice and support to our pupils ahead of their interviews, so that they are familiar with an interview experience and can naturally articulate and present their “best selves”.

St Faith’s Entry Assessments

This week we have been welcoming children into school to sit our entry assessments for September 2022. Thank you to all those who made this process run so smoothly and for the warm welcome that both prospective parents, and children alike, received. I should also like to commend our St Faith’s pupils who welcomed applicants to our school and extended friendship and kindness to the visiting children at breaktimes.

IAPS Advanced Engineering Course

Dr Nicola Hoyle, our Head of Engineering, led an online Advanced Engineering course this week. As part of our wider promotion of Engineering in the curriculum,  this involved talking to 26 teachers from other schools that are already teaching Engineering in some form at their school settings. Delegates were shown how pupils are able to apply their knowledge from other subjects to Engineering and how projects can be adapted to link topics and areas across the curriculum as part of a wider interdisciplinary approach.

Sports Reports

This week saw not one, but two Netball House tournaments being played at St Faith’s.  On Tuesday the Year 5 girls took to the courts in their House matches closely followed by the Year 4s on Thursday. In their Games lessons over the past couple of weeks, the pupils have been working on their passing and movement skills, and this meant we were set for some exciting and competitive high-quality netball.  The final House positions can be found on the match report below.


Year 4

Year 5

This week also saw the return of sports fixtures and we enjoyed home and away games in netball and hockey with Felsted and Culford respectively.  Our pupils excelled themselves with some superb team and individual efforts, and all played in the right spirit.  Match reports and results from the fixtures can be found in the sidebar of this newsletter.

ISGA Boys’ Gymnastics Nationals

Finally, as we look ahead to the weekend, may I wish good luck to all the boys from St Faith’s who are representing the school at ISGA Boys’ 4 Piece Gymnastics Nationals this Sunday. Due to COVID this competition will take place at school with judges using an internet video connection to beam into the gym. Other schools taking part will be in Brussels, Belgium, Dorset and Surrey. Thank you in advance to Mr and Mrs North for their expert and generous support to enable our pupils to have this opportunity to compete at such an elevated level.

With all best wishes,

Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn